EMI Filter - F19294-30     Made in the USA

EMI for Shielded Rack Enclosure



EMI Filter - F19294-30


For over two decades, LCR Electronics has designed, developed and manufactured a complete range of AC and DC military EMI filters and RFI filters to help our customers meet MIL-STD-461, RTCA-DO160 and other EMC requirements.


LCR has full EMC testing, EMC analysis and EMI filters and RFI filters design capabilities. With two fully equipped EMC test chambers, as well as experienced EMC testing and EMI filter design engineers, customer products are tested, evaluated and brought into compliance quickly and cost-effectively. Contact our engineering department for:


  • Problem Analysis and Assessment
  • EMC Testing to MIL-STD-461; MIL-STD- 220; TEMPEST; CE, and Other Standards
  • EMI filters and RFI filters Design and Development
  • EMC Consulting Services
  • Product Evaluation and Pre-Compliance Testing


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